June 6, 2011

In Pursuit of the World’s Best Beers

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:49 pm by newsurroundings

My son, Kevin, is on a mission to find, taste, and purchase the world’s best beers.  Today we drove to Westvleteren, Belgium to pick up a case that he had ordered.  The beer is made by the monks and they only make as much as needed to cover the costs of running the Abbey each month, so supplies are limited.  They have a phone line set up which you must call and make an appointment to pick up a maximum of one case per month.  In order to ensure that you’re not getting more than your fair share, they record your license plate number and check it when you get there.  So, if you have two cars in your family, it is possible to get two cases each month if you call from two different phone numbers and pick up each case in separate cars.  We will not be doing that, I can assure you.  With traffic, which was worsened by heavy rain today, and ongoing road construction, it took a total of 6 hours for the trip.  The boys in the family think it was worth it.  It was a unique opportunity, so I was happy to oblige- at least once.


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