August 4, 2011

Biking in Belgium

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Biking is one of my favorite things to do here in Belgium.  Whether just going to the store or out specifically for a ride on the trails, this is a very bike-friendly country.  Most of the roads have either a bike lane on the outer edge or a bike path that parallels the road.  They even have stop lights that are specifically for the bikes and bikers are usually given priority on the roads.

 I have recently started biking for exercise and have been pleased to discover that Belgium has a “cycle node network”  which makes it very easy to plan my routes.  I can look at a map, choose a route, add up the distances between nodes (knooppunts), and voila, I have my total biking distance.  Then all I have to do is follow the numbered signs.  It can be a lot to keep up with, so it’s sometimes helpful to write down the node numbers.

In this picture, I am at node 39 and can follow the signs to either node 38 or 76.  The sign on top is for walkers.

There are often signs in between the intersections showing what node you’re traveling toward.

Fietsen (cycling) is one of the best ways to explore this very beautiful country and this well-developed system makes it all the better.


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