August 12, 2011

A Tribute to Maggie

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Our little Sheltie, Maggie, died this week.  Even though we knew her health was not good and she may not be around too much longer, we didn’t think it would happen so quickly.  We all miss her.  She followed me around like a shadow, and I have especially missed that.

Maggie was a funny little dog- she would sneeze as many as ten times in a row on command.  I wish now that I had captured that on video.  She had all kinds of problems and quirks- chronic inflammatory bowel, which led to many spots on our carpet and oriental rugs (I’m not sure she ever went on the tile or hardwood), kidney problems that necessitated her going out to urinate every few hours, incessant barking at anything and everything that moved or made a sound, and phobias such as the fear of stainless steel bowls (she refused to eat from them), just to name a few.  She loved long walks, tug-of-war, tummy rubs, and storms (!).  She was member of our family for 12 years and we loved her dearly.

We brought Maggie to Belgium and that was quite an ordeal, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write about what is involved in taking an animal from one country to another- PAPERWORK!  We started the preparations several months in advance.  All the information can be found on the web and each country has different requirements.  Some require animals to be quarantined for several months but, fortunately, Belgium does not.  In order to move her here, we had to have a microchip implanted and a rabies shot, an import form that we mailed off and received back signed by someone in Belgium, and a veterinary form signed by our vet and the USDA office.  We had to take her to the office within 48 hours of moving her here for the final signature and ok.  Of course, we had to have a form filled out by our vet for our airline in order for her to fly.  It was quite a chore sorting out all the forms and making sure she was ready to go, but we diligently followed all the rules and then, surprisingly, no one even checked!  I wanted someone to look at all our perfectly prepared paperwork and say, “Well done, Welcome to Belgium”.  Instead, we just picked her up as if she was another piece of luggage and walked into the country.

Alas, that was not the end of the paperwork.  Maggie had to be registered and have her own passport in Belgium that would then allow her to travel within the EU.  Our vet was very helpful with that and Maggie did get her own little passport (no picture required).

Maggie was with us for 9 months in Belgium before her passing.


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