April 23, 2012

Moving In

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I am in my apartment in Lugano and there is stuff everywhere I look.  I have been unpacking for the last 5 days and there is still much left to do.  The main hold-up is that we have no closets.  The only cabinets are the ones in the kitchen and baths (and the ones in the bathrooms are especially small).  So, we went to IKEA this weekend and bought two wardrobes and some shelves.  I’ve been waiting to hear the phone ring all day, hoping it will be the IKEA guys coming to make the delivery.  I actually don’t even know what day they’re coming.  The Swiss are supposed to be efficient, so surely it won’t be too long.  If we were in Belgium, that would be another story.  (Sorry, all you hard-working Belgians out there, don’t mean to offend, but the service is lacking in your country.  I think you already know that though).  The reason I have no idea of the delivery date is that the man at the register didn’t speak English.  I tried to find out by suggesting a few days, “lunedi, martedi”, with a questioning tone.  He just kept saying, “telefono”.  So, I will stay home until that much-anticipated phone call arrives.  Of course, when it does, I’m sure it will be someone who doesn’t speak English.  I’ll just say, “Si, Si” and hope they know that means to come now.