July 31, 2012

An Afternoon in Valle Verzasca

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Yesterday was Erin’s last day here before heading back to school in Georgia.  We wanted to get in one last little excursion before she left.  I had heard about the Valle Verzasca right here in Ticino with a very pretty double-arched stone bridge over the River Verzasca.  I found the name of the town on the internet and we put it in our GPS and off we went to Lavertezzo.  When we arrived, the bridge was right there in front of us and we just happened to get there as someone was pulling out of the only parking spot around.  Talk about luck!  The bridge was really pretty and it was a hot day so lots of people were sunbathing on the rocks and playing in the water.  In some places where the water was deep enough, it was even possible to swim.  There were a few brave souls who jumped from high rocks and from the bridge, although that seemed really dangerous to me.

We walked around on the rocks for a while and then found a restaurant where we could sit outside and enjoy the view.  The houses and buildings here were different from ones I’ve seen in other areas of Switzerland.  They were all made of stone and even had stone roofs.  There were pretty flower boxes like we’ve seen everywhere- the flowers really thrive here.  I like it when the flowers are happy and don’t look like they’re thirsty all the time, like mine always did at home in North Carolina and Georgia.

Our meal was very good, but very long.  We have finally realized that if you order a starter, that will seriously delay the entree.  I had minestrone soup and a salad, which were actually both starters, and they brought those to me and then brought Erin and Bryan’s meals about 20 minutes later.  If I had waited to eat with them, I would have had cold soup.

After lunch, we walked across the bridge and took a short hike through the woods.  The trail was called the Sentiero l’Arte, so I expected to see some art work along the path, but I don’t think we walked far enough.  After coming home and reading more about it, I’d like to go back and walk the whole trail next time (4 1/2 kilometers).  I’m sure we’ll be back, as it’s only 45 minutes from Lugano and is a great place to spend a summer afternoon.


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