September 13, 2012

Have Cat- Can’t Travel

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Traveling is great, except for the fact that we have a cat and cats don’t travel well.  If we had a well-behaved dog, it would be no problem.  Sometimes I look around in restaurants and there are almost as many dogs as there are people.  Someone told me recently that all dogs in Switzerland must attend obedience training.  This country is determined to make everyone behave.  If I was a dog, I think I’d want to live in Europe, where I would always be welcome.  But, I have a cat and he does not appreciate being left at a kennel or at home by himself when we travel.  We found what I thought would be a nice kennel for him.  The owners seemed very nice.  On our first visit there, we walked in to the area with all the cats in cages and there was a harp on a stand in the middle of the floor.  I thought, “How nice, Biscuit will get to enjoy free concerts”.  But, for whatever reason, he hates it there.  The owner even told us that he is not happy there.  He knows that because Biscuit refuses to use the litter box.  That’s his way of getting back at everyone- by messing up his own bed.

I got the names of a couple of English-speaking college students living in Lugano.  Two girls have agreed to come “meet” Biscuit and it will give me the chance to talk with them.  I have been thinking, “What would Biscuit want me to ask them?”  I think I know the answer to that- “What would you do if Biscuit comes up and hits you with his tail?”, or “What would you do if Biscuit hides under the bed and ignores you?”, or “What would you do if Biscuit purrs or meows?”.  The correct answer in every situation would be, “I would give him another can of food”.   Those are his questions.  Now I need to come up with a few of my own.  My daughter, Erin, who is to cats as the dog whisperer is to dogs, has given me a few tips.  So, I’ll take her suggestions and see how it goes.  I am hoping this will lead to less stress for Biscuit and worry-free vacations for us.

Doesn’t he deserve the very best?



  1. Susan said,

    haha LOL Biscuit causing some trouble!! I think Biscuit is just tired of traveling or living abroad and adjusting to new places!! Or making a statement that you can train dogs but not me buddy! Hopefully he will like the college student and all will be well so you both can travel and enjoy yourselves!!!

  2. Thanks, Susan! Yes, I think you’re right. Now he can stay home and he’ll be much happier- we hope.

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