September 15, 2012

When “bad” is Good

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Spas are big in Europe.  Thermal baths with mineral water, sure to cure all that ails you, are very popular.  I finally figured out that any city with the word “bad” in it is a spa town.  (I know, I’m a slow learner.)  That is, if you’re in a German-speaking area, since “bad” means bath in German.  We have visited a few spas, but I think our favorite was in Leukerbad, Switzerland.  Leukerbad is in the canton of Valais, in the Alps.  We went at the end of August and, though it is always much cooler in the mountains than in Lugano, we were caught off guard by the weather.  We ran into an area of snow on the drive up and when we got to Leukerbad, it was raining and 3 degrees C (37 degrees F)!  We had thought we might do some hiking in the area, but with the weather so bad, we had no choice but to head straight for the spa.  We went to the Linder Alpentherme, which has an outdoor and indoor pool heated to 36 degrees Celsius and a large sauna area, along with a wellness center that offers all types of massages and treatments.  We spent several hours at the spa, mostly in the outdoor pool, surrounded by the scenery of the Alps- not a bad way to spend a cold, rainy day.

I didn’t get a picture of the Lindner Alpentherme, but I took these of another spa, the Burgerbad Therme.   The picture above was taken when we first arrived in Leukerbad.  We spent a couple of hours at this spa on our last morning in Leukerbad and enjoyed it also, though it’s more geared toward families.  As  you can tell in the pictures below, the weather had greatly improved .  The water felt almost too warm in the hot sun.  When visiting thermal baths, bad weather can be a good thing.


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