October 24, 2012

Sono Confuso

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A little word can make a big difference.  I’ve been studying Italian now for a few months and trying to speak it some whenever I’m out.  Before I even get started, I tell people that I’m just learning so they’ll understand if I look confused or take an extra long time to say a simple sentence.  I discovered today that I haven’t been saying what I thought I was saying.

I have been meaning to say, “I speak a little Italian”.  Translation- “Parlo un po’ italiano”.

What I have been saying is, “Parlo lo po’ italiano”.  Translation- “I talk about the little Italian”.

That explains all the funny looks I’ve been getting.


Addendum:  March 7, 2013- I now know that the correct way to say this is actually, “Parlo poco l’italiano”.  Always learning.



  1. Stephanie Angotti said,

    That is so funny Nancy… thanks for the laugh this morning!

    Stephanie Angotti


    H: +32 3 297 96 15

    M: + 32 (0) 478 96 82 01

    • Stephanie, I’m sure I’ll have many more embarrassing moments to share. I just have to laugh about it and keep on trying.

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